Have you ever sat in church and wondered who all these people are?
Well you’re not alone. Even the three of us feel that way sometimes. 

Each episode we’ll spend time getting to know one of you a little better! And we’ll talk about ways you can stop and connected with the people around you, instead of speeding on through, so we can build community, support one another, and do life together...

...at the church on the roundabout!

Who would you like to hear on the show? Let us know!

Meet the hosts.

Lauren Page

Worship Multimedia & Production
"Coffee required. Shoes optional."
Member of Killearn since 2011.

Trent Mills

Director of Killearn Student Ministries
"Climb that mountain."
Member of Killearn since 2016.

Mandi Lane

Director of Killearn Kids Ministries
"Chips and salsa are my love language."
Member of Killearn since 2017.

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